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Best Artificial Hedge Balcony Privacy Screen For Balcony USA 2021


The Artificial hedge balcony privacy screen  is 100% balcony protection, which can provide you with 99% visibility reduction. It also have the feature of high visibility. It protects your privacy and suitable for any kind of weather conditions. This balcony privacy screen protect you from direct sunlight that is harsh that you really cant stand in balcony for a long period of time.

A high quality privacy balcony screen is great way to enjoy weather, Its also gives your balcony style and privacy. Artificial hedge balcony privacy screen is for balcony, can be used multi functional on gardens, balconies, roof etc. It is used for even shades and on roof to protect you from rains, snow and from bad weather condition from soaking your balcony.

It will also helps you to block neighbor ugly yard and gives you high quality protection screen. It is also weather resistant, gives balcony, garden a great look, it is super easy to clean. It will also helps to achieve you good and feel the outdoor space you wanted to accomplished .

Balcony privacy screen comes in different shapes, sizes and materials, with variety of colors to choose from, matching the screen with patio color scheme. It also has the great feature to remove the screen and enjoy the weather with having the ability to create barrier between the patio and surrounding environment with ease. Artificial hedges is allows great enough light and gives you great breath ability.

Artificial Hedge Balcony Privacy Screen For Balcony Buying Guide

Before shopping , you need to know how and where you want to have your artificial hedge balcony privacy screen. What material, what size, what design is going to be needed for your patio area. Before buying process you need to have a clear understanding of what are you need for outdoor space.

What are the difference in Artificial Hedge Balcony Privacy Screen colors and materials?

Balcony privacy screen comes in a different color, size, shape and construction material, usually they are build by materials such as, aluminum, wood, or polyurethane resin.  These materials prevents from degradation from UV rays and ensures a long life of artificial hedges.

Screen also comes in different designs and colors, which help to match with your balcony color theme. If your looking for ivy leaf screen, i have mentioned it below. with faux ivy leaf design, you will have natural look.

Another important factor is that artificial hedge balcony privacy screen fabric comes in breath ability of screen material. It will allow more air and light through screen fabric, balcony Privacy screen comes in different designs and colors so you can match with your fence and patio theme paint.

What size do I need for artificial hedge balcony privacy screen?

Patio privacy screen for balcony come in different sizes but it depends on your choice or patio size, while some screen comes in rolls and precut length and width. Some screen allow to install a single unit. Its important to measure the dimension of the area you want to cover so, you buy exact size of the area to fit bests.

You dont want to buy the balcony privacy screen that are too narrow for your fence and balcony railing. Buying the improper size means it will not fit perfectly and securely to your patio or may flap in the wind.

How to install  artificial hedge balcony privacy screen?

Because of the different size and design, installation is depends on the design you choose. Some screens comes with instant installation and others needed to be install permanently such as railing and fence. While instant balcony privacy screen can be install with zip ties and for permanent screens can be fixed with screws and washers while installing a privacy screen.

Does a artificial hedge balcony privacy screen offer other sorts of protection?

Balcony screen can help you bring shade to your unbearably bright patio. They can reduce the snow and rain collection on your balcony. They can also helps to reduce glare, when your outside enjoying your patio. They are many reason to buy privacy screens,

some buyers purchase them to keep outsiders from looking in and some buyers purchase them to create a barrier between them and their neighbors yard. It can also be used to keep pets from barking at pedestrians or passing cars, or provide children play area away from busy streets.

Artificial hedge balcony privacy screen ideas

There are six type of privacy screen that can be installed:

1.Outdoor plants

2.The shutter up

3.Shoji style

4.Bamboo blinds

5.Mosquito netting curtains

6.Breaded curtains

How long artificial hedge balcony privacy screen last?

Someone who lives in colder climate has more durability then who lives in hot weather, however you can expect a 5 years life span of permanent installed screen so, need to take precautions to protect  your privacy screen.

Their are many ways that owner can protect a life span of privacy screen by drying after rain storms, or storing in inside when not in use. Typically privacy screens tends to be low maintenance over the expected life of a product.


There are hundred of options to choose from, I have mentioned the top best selling artificial hedge balcony privacy screen below. It has a lot of color variation, ease of use,  with great quality. Privacy screens are the most expensive option but give you freedom on when and how patio screen to be use.  Even though installation is involved for permanent privacy screen and require more assembling.

They are easy to store and remove when not in use. For permanent and non permanent privacy screen its easy to fix it just need screws and drills

Every home need to have this kind of privacy screen because it protects you from sun damage, heat stroke, and a dust which come from storms in the balconies. Also there is a problem of birds, pigeons, which privacy screen prevents hem from coming on to the balcony.

some people cannot stand in the balcony because of excessive heat plus they need day time 100% privacy. Most of the people wants to see everyone but no one see them. These balcony screens filter 90% of the heat that means balcony and room will not be heated up during summers because the balcony screen are filtering the heat.

Also there will be lots of a light in the room and you dont need to switch on the lights which eventually reduce the cost of electricity. There will be no view blockage, you will see entire view from the balcony without anyone knowing. It also prevents dusts so no more frequent cleaning.

There will be no rain dusts which usually comes from rain drizzles but not a storm coming in.your balcony. It will also protect your furniture from being destroyed. It also prevent bacteria coming from outside to balconies.

These balcony privacy screens for balcony are anti inflammatory that means it will not catch fire. There are so many more lists of privacy screen but i have mentioned only best selling according to consumer ratings.

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