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Best Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat Review USA 2021


Best Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat Review USA 2021

Saving money is important as a parent which is why many parents want a convertible car seat as opposed to other types of car seats. When looking for the best convertible car seat for your needs there are a variety of different features you need to take into account.

The manufacturer, adjustability, comfort, safety, and extra features are all key points that need to be considered, however with all of the different models out there this can be an overwhelming process!

To help make your decision a little easier we have gathered three different top rated convertible car seats and extensively reviewed their features, comfort, and more!

Continue reading below to view the convertible car seats and their pros/cons!

Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat Review

Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat Review-The Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat is the second best-selling convertible car seat on and definitely lives up to your expectations. With a great modern appearance and tons of cushioning, your little one will be incredibly comfortable and safe in this convertible car seat.

This seat also uses safesell technology to help protect your child from the crash forces and also has a great tangle free harness that securely holds your little one and distributes any forces evenly over their body.

Lastly, this Britax Marathon is available in five fantastic colors you have a variety of options and can choose the right car seat for your style with black, cadet, cool flow teal, cool and dry charcoal,  drift, eclipse black, plum and spark.

Product Features:

Eight different color options.
Converts to save you money.
Tangle free 5 point harness.
Safecell tech and energy absorbing foam.
Holds children between 5-120 pounds

Overall there are just tons of features that really make it simple for the parent and comfortable for the child including the thick padding, tangle free and adjustable harness, and the ability to recline! The Britax Marathon  Convertible Car Seat is definitely a parent’s dream seat.

Britax Marathon Pros:

1.Very sturdy – It won’t break or damage even in the worst car accident. It’s made to last with the strongest parts ever.

2.Easy to install after time – The first time might it be difficult to install but after some time it becomes a quick snap.

3.Easy to adjust the straps – The straps around the child are important and adjust. Parents are able to adjust them quickly. Parents are also able to adjust the length of the straps.

4.Latches is in the front – Because the latches are in the front, adults are able to snap them easily. This feature also prevents children from removing the latches themselves.

5.Quick to clean – The Britax Marathon is super easy to take apart and clean. It’s easy to clean even the smallest places.

6.Long listing padding – Many parents reported that the padding has lasted years between a number of children.

7.Comfortable for children – The comfort of a child is super important. The Britax Marathon 70 is all about providing the most comfort possible.

8.Safer than most – The Britax Marathon has gotten the highest safety scores for many years. It’s considered one of the safest car seats. Many parents admit that without it, their child would have been badly hurt.

9.Easy to use – Speed of placing a child into the car seat is also important. This car seat makes it only a snap to place the child in and to take a child out of it.

10.Buckle has padding – During the summer months, hot seat belts are a problem. The Britax Marathon 70 solves that problem instantly with it’s weather proof padding.

11.Stylish – The color options on this car seat are fantastic and incredibly unique so you can get one that really suits your style.

Britax Marathon Cons:

1.Larger than most – It’s a big car seat that is made for bigger cars.

2.V-latch is troublesome – Using a V-latch can cause some stress. There are other options that can be considered. After some time, learning the V-latch can become easier.

3.Unlike many other car seats this Britax Marathon 70 doesn’t come with any snack holders or cup holders – These are essential for taking your little one on a car ride. There are holders you can buy separately but that is a small feature that should be included in the design. So, here we conclude the topic of Best Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat Review USA 2021.

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