Best Electric Breast Pump For Working Mom Reviews And Guide 2020

Best Electric Breast Pump For Working Mom Reviews And Guide 2020

Breast pumping is something that millions of women do to ensure their little one has the proper nutrition and to save money. While many may think that buying any breast pumping machine will work, unfortunately they are very wrong.

Most women need a breast pumping machine that will allow them to pump comfortably, efficiently, away from home, and more!

To help you find the right breast pump for your needs, we’ve scoured all of the available pumps and found three top rated breast pumps.

Below you’ll find a comprehensive review on each pump that will highlight the product features, pros, and cons and allow you to make an educated decision on which pump is best for you!

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with On the Go Tote Review

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with On the Go Tote ReviewThe Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with On the Go Tote is a top rated breast pump that allows mothers to discretely pump while out away from home.

This Medela portable breast pump can accommodate a significant amount of milk in a removable PVC free bag that keeps milk cool for up to twelve hours! Additionally this portable pump has a battery pack, but also is available with a 9V lighter adapter meaning you can pump in the car as well!

The stylish dark tote that the Medela portable pump is available in has thick straps, tons of storage space, and completely conceals the breast pump allowing mothers to take it to work, out traveling, or anywhere else that is convenient for them!

Product Features:

Stylish bag with tons of storage.
PVC free cooler bag that keeps milk cold for up to 12hrs.
Gets more milk without discomfort.
A 9V lighter adapter is available.

Final Analysis:

Pros: – Pumping only at home can be difficult especially with a growing family! This portable breast pump allows you to pump anywhere and get tons of milk in almost no time.

Additionally the larger tote is fantastic because it allows you to pump plenty without having to carry around two or three different bags!

Lastly, the very best thing about this portable pump is that it is so fast and discreet. No matter where you are no one will be able to hear you and you can pump plenty in just around six or seven minutes!

Cons: – While the Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump does a great job and is very efficient, it can get a little condensation in the tubes. You will have to clean the tubes frequently (as you should anyways) but some other models don’t have this condensation problem! Not a major issue, but one you should keep aware of!

Best Affordable Electric Breast Pump USA 2020

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Philips AVENT BPA Free Electric Breast Pump Review

Philips AVENT BPA Free Electric Breast Pump Review- When it comes to buying a breast pump, you need one that is going to last you and your little one quite a long time. Unfortunately many breast pumps don’t stand up to constant or heavy use quite like the Philips AVENT BPA Free Electric Breast Pump.

This Philips breast pump comes with tons of extras and is proven to work just as well as hospital grade electric umps. Not only do you have a quick pumping session each time you use it, but this Philips AVENT breast pump is designed for your comfort!

This pump has a unique feature that allows it to learn how you pump and continue it so you can have it pumped at just the right speed and intensity! Definitely one of the best breast pumps available and great for mommies on the go as well thanks to its portable tote!

Product Features:

Patented massage cushion makes it more comfortable than ever to pump.
Works just as well as a hospital grade pump!
Unique memory feature remembers how you pump and repeats it.
Comes with tons of extras including four funnel covers, 4oz breast milk container, two newborn nipples, two travel packs, a microfiber bag for traveling, two sealing disks, spare parts, and more!

Final Analysis:

Pros: At well under $200 you get a fantastic breast pump that can be used multiple times a day without any issues! Works well even after many months of use and has tons of extra bottles that meet your child’s growing needs.

The best feature is the fact that it actually learns and repeats how you pump so you don’t have to constantly fiddle with adjustments to get the right rhythm. Additionally there is a massage cushion that really ensures your maximum comfort!

Cons:Overall the Philips AVENT BPA Free Electric Breast Pump is a fantastic option and works just as well as much more expensive models. While there are very few cons one small issue is that sometimes the bottles fall off!

You have to use discs to keep them in place, but if you bump them or move cords they will fall off again. Overall not a major issue making this still one of the best breast pumps available!

Best Affordable Electric Breast Pump USA 2020

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Ameda Portable Hospital Strength Electric Breast Pump Review

Ameda Breast Pump Review- The Ameda Breast Pump Carry All is one of the best portable breast pumps available on the market. With two different totes you can have several bottles stored in the cooling tote so they stay cool even throughout a long day at work; additionally the other tote holds the pump, extra bottles, tubes, and the rest of the supplies discreetly!

When looking for the right portable pump this Ameda model definitely stands out due to its lightweight bags (even with supplies in them), efficient pumping system, and easy to clean supplies!

Additionally the Ameda Breast Pump Carry All is quite affordable and will allow you to pump a full day’s worth of milk in almost no time!

Product Features:

Two separate bags – one for milk storage and one for supplies.
AC power adapter.
Quiet and discreet operation.
Easy to clean supplies.
Fashionable tote carry all bag

Final Analysis:

Pros: The Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump is made by a fantastic manufacturer and it definitely doesn’t disappoint in any way! With a great lightweight system you can easily go to your car, a bathroom, or somewhere else to discreetly pump!

When you are pumping the process is very comfortable and doesn’t make you sore even after you use it several times a day.

Additionally the cooling bag keeps your milk at the right temperature and you never have to worry about it going bad throughout the day!

Cons: Overall there is little to complain about with the Ameda Breast Pump especially if you’ve had other failed breast pumps. While this Ameda breast pump may be slightly louder than some other models, it is still very quiet compared to most and you can easily use the phone or watch TV using this and still hear just fine!

Best Affordable Electric Breast Pump USA 2020

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