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Best Keyword Research Tool For Article In 2020
                                                    Best Keyword Research Tool For Article In 2020

There are tons of SEO tools available in the market, that let you decide which keywords to target for your content and how will content satisfy both user & search engine.

Keyword research helps you find low competition keywords with high search volume, or you can search for a targeted niche based website. By keyword research, you can easily rank on Google’s first page.

Keyword research gives you specific search data, so you have a better understanding of users, what keywords query they are looking for.

There are main three factors that users are looking for?

What people are searching for?

How many people are searching for a specific keyword?

How they want the information to be delivered?

In this article, I will be sharing my secret tips and tricks to get Google first page ranking.

This article is about the Best SEO Tool.

This tool helps you optimize your Website SEO and increase your website traffic. Also, monitor your website stats and rankings.

So let’s start…

If you want to earn good money from blogs and YouTube, then it is important to have SEO knowledge. To get Google a higher ranking you will need at least one SEO tool to optimize posts and articles.

If you are new to this field, then what is SEO? How does this increase the traffic to your website? But I have already written the post. You can read that post. Apart from this, you can see all articles on SEO by going to our Plugin category.

You will be able to earn money from your website, YouTube channel, or blog only when people visit your blog or website. you cannot make money until organic traffic comes to your blog.

The more organic traffic on our blog, the more and quicker we will be able to earn money. And search engine optimization is the only way to get organic traffic.

If you do SEO Well of your blog, then you will gain organic traffic quickly in a short span of time, with the help of SEO. 

While doing SEO, it is important to know about SEO as well as knowledge of SEO Tool. If you use the right and good tools, then you can save a lot of your time. So that’s why today in this post. I am sharing a great tool to help get a good google ranking as well as increase website traffic.

Keyword Tool is a Keyword Finder tool, which is completely free. It also has a premium version. With the help of this tool, you can use Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, Twitter, Instagram, Etc. You can search for keywords for any platform. In this, you can choose the keyword CPC, Competition, Search Volume, Etc.

KWFinder is a good tool to find the keyword. From here, you can search the keyword of any topic or niche.


If you search for a long tail keyword on this tool, you will get a good result. Also, with the help of this tool, you can use CPC, Competition, etc. for any keyword.

Apart from KWFinder, any site’s Backlinks, SERP, Site Analysis, Etc. To use it, you must first sign up. After that, you can use this tool as you like, Free and Premium.

Pros of using SEO tool.

SEO delivers free and organic targeted traffic.

It gives solutions to the problem, for which people are looking by driving traffic to your article.

SEO drives traffic to your website, which is highly convertible.

It also helps your business to grow.

SEO will establish your website authority in your niche.

Cons of using an SEO tool.

SEO will take time to get rank on Google.


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