Top 5 Best Power Fresh Steam Mop Review

Top 5 Best Power Fresh Steam Mop Review

If you have hardwood floors, then a steam mop is really a must. Steam mops put out a high amount of very hot steam, which kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria.These steam mops are also very good at dissolving food and other dried on gunk. You’ll find that your hardwood floors smell clean and fresh and are exceptionally clean if you use a high quality, well built steam mop.

In this article we’re going to list the factors you should be considering when shopping for a steam mop, and list five high quality steam mops.

Steam Mops Buying Guide

Steam Mops Buying GuideSteam mops aren’t all created equal. When thinking of purchasing one, keep the following buying factors in mind to make your purchasing decision an easier one.

  1. Germ Killing Power

This is a major deciding factor. With all the germs destroyed by the temperature of the steam, you won’t have to worry about odors or dangerous bacteria growing on your floors. Most steam mops release steam hot enough to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

  1. Swivel Steering

Being able to swivel the steam mop to fit into tight areas will allow you to clean more areas more effectively. Most steam mops come with this ability, but some don’t. So when you’re shopping, think of the fact that you’re going to be needing this functionality to properly clean around certain objects.

  1. Total Weight

The total weight of your steam mop will determine how easy it will be to push around. It will also determine the length of time you’ll be able to use it without getting tired. Steam mops that are cheaply built may be light, but won’t offer as good of performance as the heavier models. Choosing a medium weight steam mop, depending on its application in the household, may be the best bet.

  1. Mop Head Fabric

The mop cloth fabric that comes with the steam mop should be thick and absorbent enough for tough jobs. Choosing a cheaply built steam mop won’t give you the fabric durability that you need to tackle difficult cleaning jobs. It’s best to spend the extra money to get a steam mop with thick, absorbent material that will allow for the most thorough cleaning.

  1. Steam Mop Accessories

Choosing a steam mop with multiple heads, such as triangular and rectangular, will allow you to get into small spaces likes corners of a room. People with low carpets will find that a rug tray accessory will help to steam “dust” the carpet. It won’t provide as much power as a rented steam cleaner, but it will help the situation out greatly.

  1. Adjustable Steam Levels

Sometimes you’ll need a lot of steam, and sometimes you won’t need as much. It really depends on the job. So a steam mop with adjustable steam levels can really help to give you the exact amount of steam for the job at hand.

  1. Long Power Cord

The power cord on a steam mop should be around 25 feet. This is enough length to allow you to move freely within a large confined space. Steam mops with shorter power cords won’t allow you the space you need to move without plugging into additional wall outlets.

  1. Overall Performance

You can check the Amazon reviews to see if the steam mop you’re considering is really worth it or not. People who are listing their user experiences with the mop you’re considering will have helpful information in their posts to make your purchasing decision an easier one.

  1. Brand Name Reliability

Buying a steam mop from say Black and Decker, will provide you with a much better user experience than a cheaply built product. Always look for brand name quality and try to get a warranty with your purchase. Brand name items are more likely to stand behind the warranty and provide you with years of trouble free mopping.

Hoover Twin Tank Disinfecting Steam Mop Review

Our First Pick

Hoover  Twin Tank Disinfecting Steam Mop When it comes to having a beautifully clean and sanitized carpet, the The Hoover Twin Tank Steam Mop is definitely the mop for you. This Hoover mop is a very lightweight mop that can easily steam clean a carpet in no time.

Not only will the steam help loosen up nasty stains and crud that’s built up on your carpets over the years, but it will also destroy up to 99.9% of the germs on your floors!

This The Hoover Twin Tank Steam Mop can handle linoleum floors, wood floors, stone floors, and even carpets! Additionally it uses a non-toxic cleaner that helps give an extra boost to its cleaning abilities!

Product Features:

Twin tanks allows you to clean with the Hoover solution, or one of your own choosing
Machine washable cleaning pads
Has a docking tray so it doesn’t damage your floor when it’s stored
Swivel head for easy maneuverability
Power dial for heavy or light cleaning
Kills up to 99.9% of bacteria

Hoover Pros:

1.Very light weight makes for easy use even over long periods of time.

2.Very easy assembly. Basically the handle snaps into the base unit.

3.Independent tests by consumers show that, while branded disinfectant cleaner is somewhat expensive, it lasts a long time.

4.Replaceable cleaning pads are very easy to exchange yet hold in position quite well. Very little chance of pad accidentally coming off even with rigorous use.

5.The micro filter pads are reusable and can be machine washed although a thorough hand washing is also sufficient so long as the pad is dried flat.

6.One-step steam cleaning begins quickly; usually within 30 seconds of switching machine on.

7.Conveniently positioned dial switches from steam cleaning to disinfectant mode quickly.

8.Very long (28 foot) power cord allows full room cleaning without having to switch electrical outlets.

9.Tray is provided to set the cleaner on if work is interrupted as floor surface could be damaged if unit is allowed to sit idle without taking precautions.

10.Triangular steam cleaning head is well designed for fitting into corners and along baseboards for complete floor coverage.

11.Excellent limited two year warranty and customer service from Hoover.

Hoover Cons:

1.Trigger must be depressed to produce steam which fatigues the hand. There is no mechanism for holding trigger in the “On” position except manually.

2.Must read Use Instructions, especially for mixing liquids. Machine is not intuitively designed. Manual is 14 pages long.

3.Flooring must be “pre-cleaned” or swept before use to prevent clogging of steam vents.

4.The head is a little large so you might have problems getting into very narrow places.

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Bissell powerfresh Steam Mop, hard wood Cleaner Review

Our Second Pick

Bissell Steam Mop Cleaner Review if  you have children or pets, you know how important, yet difficult, it can be to keep a clean floor. Little ones are constantly crawling about on the floor in close contact with millions of germs, while pets on the other hand create even more germs and messes!

The solution is the Bissell Steam Mop Floor Cleaner. This steamer is available in an attractive blue powerfresh color and is very compact with a long handle.

The cord has a hook on the side for easy storage, and a thin head to allow for access to even the smallest of places!

Product Features:

Can be used with just water or a cleaning solution Two year limited warranty
Quick release hook for the cord
Mop head swivels around 360 degrees
Cleans hard floor surfaces only

Bissell 1867-7 Pros:

1.Despite being one of the most affordable steam cleaners, the Bissell Steam Mop is definitely one of the easiest to use as well. For well under a hundred bucks you get a powerful cleaner that is ready to use almost instantly out of the box.

2.Additionally the pad on this steamer is removable. You simply unwrap the cord, remove it, and toss it in the washer!

3.The Bissell Steam Mop has a really nice curved handle which not only makes it comfy to clean with, but it also makes it great to hang up in a storage closet or even on a wall hook!

4.No chemicals are needed with this steam mop, just water.

5.Cleans a number of different types of hard surfaces.

6.Makes cleaning up liquid messes easy and fast.

7.Operates quietly.

8.Leaves no residue when mopping up messes and water dries very quickly.

9.No mop bucket needed or wringing out a wet mop cloth.

10.Pads and Velcro last for a long time and are good quality.

11.Built slightly heavier than some brands which adds more cleaning pressure on the floors.

12.Has a 360 degree spin which allows easy maneuvering of it while cleaning.

Bissell 1867-7 Cons:

1.While this is definitely one of the cheapest and efficient steam cleaners, the Bissell Steam Mop Hard-Floor Cleaner does have a few flaws. Not only can it not handle carpets, but it has a little harder time on grout. When you are going over grout with this steamer, just add extra steam for a few seconds longer than you normally would.

2.If you are a tall person, handle is a bit short as with many handles on cleaning devices.

3.Takes a bit of effort to push when cleaning.

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Haan Floor Sanitizer Review

Our Third Pick

Haan Floor Sanitizer Review the Haan Floor Sanitizer is an attractive and sleek red corded floor steamer. It has a thinner head that allows you to easily clean a massive floor in no time.

The tank is able to hold enough water to allow you to steam for 20 minutes straight, while the steam itself gets up to 212 degrees F ensuring almost every germ is destroyed! Additionally you can immediately start cleaning once you get it out of the box because it has a quick start up!

Overall the Haan Floor Sanitizer is a must for anyone who wants clean floors that are germ free and crud free!

Product Features:

Comes with two microfiber pads
Can steam all types of floors including carpets
Kills around 99.9% of all germs
Easy fill tank
Provides up to 20 minutes of steam power

Haan Floor Sanitizer Pros:

1.The unit was very easy to put together when new. Taken straight from the box it only took a few minutes to be up and running.

2.The steam-cleaner is extremely light-weight and the motor runs very quietly. Anyone can swiftly steam floors with this cleaner!

3.Steam cleaned floors very nicely despite requiring a bit more water than listed in the Operating Manual estimations.

4.Low profile of the steam head allows for ease of cleaning under furniture and cabinets.

5.Low profile of the steam head allows for ease of cleaning under furniture and cabinets.

6.Floor cleaning pad is easy to remove and can be machine washed if desired. Cleaned pads can even be hung up to dry as opposed to only flat drying. Versatile construction.

7.Steam cleans on a wide variety of surfaces, from carpet to tile and linoleum and hardwood flooring.

8.By using steam rather than chemical laden solutions, the cleaner is safe for use around children, people with allergies and pets.

9.You will notice a significant difference in the cleanness as well as the freshness.

Haan Floor Sanitizer Cons:

1.Steam head does not reach completely to the edge of the cleaning pad. Corners, baseboards and around appliances are not fully covered or cleaned.

2.The electric cord is very short compared to most appliances. This necessitates more frequent shifts from outlet to outlet as you progress around a room.

3.Housing that holds water bottle in is somewhat fragile and has a tendency to break

4.It would be nice to have a little bit of a larger tank even if it was a tad bit heavier.

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Shark S3501N Deluxe Steam Pocket Mop Review

Our Fouth Pick

Shark S3501N Deluxe Steam Pocket Mop People everywhere are raving about the Shark line of cleaning machines. The Shark S3501N Deluxe Steam Pocket Mop is designed to be a great addition in cleaning your hardwood floors, and the steam is activated with the pushing and pulling motion of your mopping efforts.

The generous 25 foot cord allows you the freedom to move a fairly large distance without needing to find additional outlets, and the 15 ounce water tank is there to ensure you won’t need to be refilling all the time.

The handle height of this model is fully adjustable, allowing people in your household to adjust it to their specific height needs. The head swivels 180 degrees to give you better cleaning performance, and two cleaning pads are included to get you started right out of the box.

With this mop, bacteria doesn’t stand a chance! It eliminates virtually all bad bacteria like E. Coli and leaves your floors perfectly dry.

Product Features:

Kills Harmful Germs On Contact
Releases Steam With Push/Pull Motion
30 Second Heat Up Time
15 Ounce Water Tank
25 Foot Power Cord
Adjustable Handle Height
180 Degree Mop Head Swivel
Includes Two Cleaning Pads
1 Year Warranty

Shark S3501N Pros:

1.Super affordable price tag and “Shark” brand name quality is a great combination

2.Very easy to put together – Just a few simple steps after taking the pieces out of the box

3.When compared to mop buckets and mops, using a steam mop cuts the time it takes to clean tremendously

4.Allows you to mop floors fast and never leaves a wet mess behind – With the Shark, mopping can be fun again!

5.Even on floors with a “dimpled” surface type, this mop will get into the crevices and clean it so it’s like new!

6.The pads are washable, allowing you to really get the most value out of this product

7.Doesn’t use chemicals – The super hot steam is enough to clean nearly any stuck on/dried on grime off any surface

8.Power cord is long enough to give you a lot of freedom of movement

9.Steam is released with the push/pull of the mop – No need for constant adjustments

10.The amount of dirt this machine removes from hard floors will surprise you – Many people never realized their floors were never really clean before getting this machine

Shark S3501N Cons:

1.Swivel head means it won’t stand up on its own – You have to lean the handle against a counter or other side area

2.Super light design doesn’t allow it to be the most robust steam mop out there – However, it does do a pretty good overall job

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Dirt Devil SD 20020 Steam Canister Review

Our Fivth Pick

Dirt Devil SD20020 Steam Canister Review Built buy one of the most renown names in the cleaning industry, the Dirt Devil Steam Canister definitely stands up to your expectations. At well under a hundred bucks, this powerful and affordable steam cleaner has it all.

Not only does it have a long power cord, it also comes equipped with a five foot long extension with a handle that lets you steam clean in a variety of places.

Additionally the canister has two handy rolling wheels, a handle for easy transportation, and easy to use buttons to control the power of the steam cleaner. Overall the Dirt Devil Steam Canister is one of the best options for steam cleaning your floors!

Product Features:

Five foot extension
Variety of accessories such as: extension wand, window tool, measuring cup, funnel, and two different brushes
One year warranty
Can clean all surfaces including carpet, floors, sofas, and more!

Dirt Devil SD20020 Pros:

1.The Dirt Devil has a very compact design. The hose is detachable for more efficient storage when not in use.

2.Power cord reels into the housing for storage rather than having to coil it around the handle.

3.Steam nozzle has an adjustable head that allows for the selection of more or less steam as needed.

4.Unit comes with a variety of attachments, including a floor scrubber, an upholstery brush, and a window attachment like a squeegee for glass and other vertical smooth surfaces.

5.The underside of the main body has self-contained storage cabinets for the attachments.

6.Swiveling drive wheel allows for easy maneuvering around furniture and other obstacles.

7.Very low-cost (average under $100.00) for the quality and amount of interchangeable attachments that come with the steamer.

8.Floor cleaning attachment has an extra hook fastener for less chance of pad coming off accidentally.

Dirt Devil SD20020 Cons:

1.Despite the number of multipurpose attachments, it does not have an attachment for use on carpet.

2.Attachments are plastic and will not stand up well to heavy use.

3.Is slower than average in heating up enough to produce steam. Almost 30 minutes from start to steam.

4.Hose heats up excessively when in use and tends to gather condensation that can splatter onto floor.

5.If you are using the normal steam components for laminate floors and hard surfaces, you may be a little disappointed to hear that you have to wipe up afterwards unless you want to wait for it to dry.

6.This creates plenty of steam to kill bacteria and loosen up hard stains, but it doesn’t suck up the water! You either let it dry or use a towel of some sorts.

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