Best All In One Color Laser Printer In 2021

Best All In One Color Laser Printer In 2021

When it comes to color laser printer all in one, you should know what to look for. 

However, you’ll find that only a select few companies are really making printers worth buying. In this article, we’re going to be looking at the various factors you should be considering when making a purchase.

Also, we’re going to list three outstanding products that are really worth buying. After reading this guide, you’ll be a more informed consumer, armed with information to help you make the right purchase.

Color Laser Printers Buying Guide

1. Know How The Price Format Works

Nobody wants to spend too much on a printer, so you have to know what features make printers expensive in the first place. Generally, the faster a color laser printer all in one is, the more expensive it will be. If you don’t need the speed for intense applications, then why spend the extra money for the speedy features? Also, there may be features on the printer you’re looking at that you don’t need. No need to make the extra expenditure on something you’ll never use.

2.Light Duty Or Heavy Duty Printing?

Do you need a color laser printer all in one that’s able to handle heavy duty tasks or a light duty machine that will cost less to own and use? Businesses sometimes need heavy duty machines to keep up with the work load, but home users may not need the functionality that a heavy duty color laser printer provides. You can get a much better deal on a quality color laser printer all in one that’s suited to light duty if you plan on using your printer primarily at home.

3.Know The Features You Need – DPI, Internet/Networking Capability, Color/Black And White Printing?

When looking for a color laser printer, you should have a good idea of exactly what you need. How many dots per inch do you need the printer to produce? Do you need Internet/Networking capabilities? How about black and white printing in addition to color? How many documents per hour do you need the printer to print? You should make a checklist of specifications that you need your new printer to adhere to, then purchase the printer that best suits your needs.

4.Don’t Think A Cheap Color Laser Printer Is A Good Deal

Cheap color laser printers all in one aren’t a good deal. When you consider that cheap printers have higher cost toner cartridges and offer subpar printing, you’ll realize that you should spend the extra amount to get a high quality printer in the first place. It’s a good investment. A quality printer from HP, Dell, and Brother won’t break on you, have cheaper toner cartridges, and print at a higher level of quality.

5.Buy From A Company With A Proven Track Record Of Quality Products

Companies like HP, Brother, Dell, and Hewlett Packard have proven themselves, time and time again, as superior to other printer companies. They continually produce an entire line of printers, every year, that reach above and beyond the average person’s expectations. Whatever your business or home use needs, these companies are making products that will fit your life and provide years of trouble free use. Some even come with a warranty to keep you financially safe from any defects.

6.Check Amazon For Reviews And Read Them

If you want to find out the nitty gritty of what products are worth your time, your best friend is Amazon. After reading all the reviews, you can find out the truth about a product you’re considering. You’ll be able to know whether or not the product is worth the cost. Even if you don’t know anything about color laser printers all in one to begin with, after going through all the reviews, you’ll know exactly what the printer is capable of as well as any strengths and weaknesses the printer has.

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Brother HL-L3290CDW Color Laser Printer All In One Review

Brother HL-L3290CDW Color Laser Printer all in one Review- If you’re looking for a color laser printer all in one that can give you a wireless interface and printing on both sides of your pages (duplex printing), this should be one of the printers to consider. This is a color laser printer with a lot of features, including the ability for multiple computers to use it as a central printing hub. It prints in both color and monochrome, providing you with 21 pages per minute. It’s compatible with USB flash memory sticks and features PictBridge functionality for your digital cameras. This printer will work with both Windows and Macintosh systems.

The Duplex printing feature can easily save you a ton of money on paper costs, making full use of the front and back of your document sheets. Print resolutions of 600 X 2400 is possible with this printer, bringing you to a whole new level of quality printing.

This printer is great for large jobs and has a 250 sheet paper tray that simply blows away the competition. Together with an optional 500 sheet capacity tray, you can really look forward to almost endless printing sessions. The ink cartridge is built for high volume printing tasks and allows you to do it affordably. With low operating cost design and the increased efficiency of this model over earlier designs, you’ll be able to skyrocket your home or business printing by a landslide.

Product Features:

250 Sheet Capacity Tray For Extra Large Printing Jobs (500 sheet tray optional)
Easy Duplex Printing To Save On Paper Costs
Compatible With PictBridge Digital Cameras
USB Flash Drive Compatible
Windows Or Macintosh Networking Capable
Wireless Or Wired Interface – You Choose
Up To 21 Pages Per Minute
1 Year Warranty

Final Analysis:


In case of product defect, this color laser printer all in one comes with a 1 year on site limited warranty. If anything goes wrong during this 1 year period, you’re protected.

This printer does an excellent job printing color photography. The LCD screen is very easy to read and will tell you if something’s wrong with the machine: Green – Everything’s Fine; Amber – Maintenance Mode; Red – Help!.

People have reported this printer to last for years without any problems and it prints fast. 21 pages per minute, timed and verified by outside sources. Prints nearly 2000 colored pages and nearly 3000 black and white pages without a toner cartridge change.

Connect both Windows and Mac machines on the same printer network.

A perfect printer for people with a home business, or people avid about printing a lot from their home.

This printer ends up paying for itself with the combination of being able to print high resolution images and print in high volume capacity.
Brother is a well known brand, known for making exceptional printing products.


May require an SDRAM upgrade for more complex printing.
Some people are reporting wavy pages.

Color Laser Printer All In One WiFi Laser Printer 2020

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Hewlett Packard M479fdn Color Wireless Photo Printer Review

Hewlett Packard M479fdn Color Wireless Photo Printer Review- This is a great printer for people who demand fast speed and high volume with their printing. It has a solid output and prints automatically in duplex (both sides), a cost saving feature that many older models simply don’t have. The controls on this machine are simple and easy to understand. You can install software on this machine through USB or the ethernet port.

A 250 sheet printing tray makes for a printer that can handle some serious high volume printing projects. You can also install an auxiliary tray that holds 250 pages, making for a huge overall printing capacity of 550 if you include the front multipurpose tray.

Accessing the features of this printer is easy, and you can tell that it’s well designed from the start. You can upgrade the standard memory from 128 megabytes to 384 quite easily.

The output of this machine truly impresses with how fast it completes pages. This is a good printer for people that demand the quality of Hewlett Packard and need a high volume machine that’s capable of handling large work orders. However, you may find that the cost per page is a little more than other color printers. If you can handle that, this printer might be for you. Overall, it’s one of the best color laser printers on the market.

Product Features:

HP Smart Install – No Software Needed
HP Auto On/Off Reduces Energy Costs
250 Page Capacity Tray (Standard) With Auxillary 250 Page Tray Optional
Ink Cartridges For Individual Colors To Help You Save Money Over The Cost Of Replacements
Proven HP Quality

Final Analysis:


It features great networking capability that allows you to set up multiple computers to use a single printer.

The color printing quality will blow you out of the water. It’s simply stunning. Nearly photo quality pictures from a laser printer is impressive.

This printer will handle envelopes wonderfully and most people would recommend this printer, even to their closest friends.

A lot of people love the ePrint feature that allows them to control the printer and print documents from a tablet or smartphone.

This machine’s strong points are the speed and output quality. As far as speed goes, up to 21 pages per minute is fairly impressive with the printing quality this machine delivers. Truly a top notch combination.

People have noted that this printer made a great replacement over their older models.


Toner costs are a bit expensive
Must visit website to download the drivers

Color Laser Printer All In One WiFi Laser Printer 2020

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Lexmark C2535dw Wireless Color Printer Review

Lexmark C2535dw Wireless Color Laser Printer all in one– If you need an affordable and high quality color laser printer, then you should at least consider the Lexmark C2535dw Wireless Multifunction Laser Printer. With an ideal design for offices with limited space, you get a printer that has a lot of features in a compact package.

Setting this multi-functional printer up is easy. This printer will print documents quickly and without error. You’ll also be impressed with the scanning feature, allowing you to scan any document into JPG or PDF format.

The wireless design allows you to scan documents without having to be hooked up to a “printer PC”. The scanning can be done “on the fly”. This printer also has Internet capability, providing you with a web interface to get more done with less. It will automatically configure itself so you don’t need to be an expert to use it. The print quality of this machine is very good, and as a total package, it gets printing jobs done quickly and will impress you with its performance. The price is also a notable feature of this printer, costing you nearly the same as a comparable inkjet printer.

Product Features:

Auto Off Feature Saves Up To 50% On Operating Costs
Compact Size Ideal For Cramped Work Spaces Linux HPLIP Software For Automatic Configuration Network Ready
Black Print Speed: 17.0 ppm
Color Print Speed 4.0 ppm
EPrint Access App – Print And Send Documents From Mobile Phones
HP Quality

Final Analysis:


Installs quickly. Most people who install this printer in their home or business have very little trouble setting it up. Instructions are simple and easy to follow.

Automatically configures itself to acquire an IP that gives you a web interface to work with.

This printer offers top quality color and black and white printing. It’s fast and efficient and suitable for most people’s needs.

Offers affordable laser printing at its best.

Operating costs are reduced by nearly 50% with the Auto-Off feature. A printer that saves you money all year round.

ePrint app allows you to send documents to the printer and start the printing process from a mobile phone. This is great for people who need remote access to their printer.


Lid has a tendency to drop down when manually scanning documents.

Low toner cartridge warning alert you even though there’s still toner left. Wait until you actually notice a quality difference in the printing before changing it.

Color Laser Printer All In One WiFi Laser Printer 2020

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