Best AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair USA 2021

  • Great, with a weight capacity of 400 pounds.
  • Build firmly.
  • Convert into recline chair
  • Can feel too spacious for smaller users.
  • It is the best AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair USA 2021


Best AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair USA 2021

Gamers come in various shapes and sizes, which is why game seats also come in various sizes. For larger gamers, Akracing offers a gaming chair Max in the Masters series line. It’s a large chair with a high weight capacity that can be in accordance with the most proportional users. It might be a bit too spacious for people with a smaller frame, but if the size is a factor, this chair is worth the consideration.

This is the biggest chair of AKracing, but other company games chairs are not made for larger users; Every other model in the core series and the Master of AKracing has a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds. It is significantly more than most gaming seat identifiers for seats that are not designed specifically for large users, which generally range from 240 to 290 pounds.

About Best AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair USA 2021

Chairs are available in five colors: black, blue, indigo, red, and white, all of which appear as the color of the accent on the black and dark gray body.

Uniting the max gaming chair is quite simple, but it will help if you have someone help you because of the size of the part. The chair is dismantled, with chairs with armrests, backs, wheels, bases (which are mounted to the bottom of the chair), pneumatic cylinders, casters, and plastic handles and cover all.

To assemble a chair, you need to remove the four bolts from the back side and hold the back of the metal brackets connected to the chair. Screw the bolt to install two parts together and tighten it with the included Allen Wrench. Turn chairs and bolts at the top base. Add the castor into five feet of the bottom base, then drop pneumatic cylinders into the center. Connect the top of the cylinder to the top base and turn the seats upright. After that, all you have to do is appear on the plastic lever in the top base to give access to the seat adjustment, and the screw on the cover to protect the metal brackets on the back of the chair.

Best AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair USA 2021- Features

The chair is equipped with two rectangular pillows that you can attach backwards. The smaller pillows slipped above to function as headrests, and larger pillows attach to the bottom to provide lumbar support. They both easily slide with elastic straps.

Max is made of cold healing foam bearings covered in the faux, with a base of steel and lower aluminum base. It’s generously padded, especially around chairs and lower backs. The back side also looks sturdy without a visible cavity. The headset is a little less tender, but still provides sufficient support and works well with the included pillows.

While we cannot predict how long the maximum stain cover will survive with the mean wear, it feels soft and supple, and especially lacking vinyl such as other chairs that we test like the DXRACER OH / RV001 racing series. The ingredients do not feel solid and sturdy like PU (Polyurethane) skin from the Titan Secret lab, but still have a pleasant nuance.

The max base is made of steel, while the bottom base is made of solid aluminum, standard configuration for game chairs. The chair rolling on five covers coated with 2.5 inch PU rubber, slightly smaller than a three-inch caster of the DxRacer racing series, but still quite capable of rolling smoothly under my body weight.

Max can be widely adjusted, with pneumatic cylinders that can increase and decrease the entire seats with rowing rates under the chair, the tilted mechanism that can lean chairs comfortably return if you keep the left paddle under the chair is not locked, and the reclining function opens the part back seat from the chair. Every gaming chair that we have tested so far has a lying mechanism, but Max is the first we test that can lean on a fully degree of flat 180. We do not recommend leaning back so far, because the balance of the seat feels very dangerous in this position, Even with a locked slope mechanism.

Conclusion – Best AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair USA 2021

This is a gaming chair tank, and if you are not on the bigger side and heavier than your body type might feel too spacious. While it was the biggest seat on the master of the Master AKracing, it was also the cheapest; If you want quality builds similar to smaller frames, each premium seat and pro each cost more than max. AKracing core lines have smaller seats with a price significantly less than the master model, but we haven’t tested it yet. Like standing, we currently prefer the Titan Secret lab chair for moderate to large users, with a much charmer foam pads and thick PU cover. Max is worth your consideration if you are looking for a gaming seat with heavy capacity, but for users under 290 pounds, we recommend Titan for superior buildings. So, here we conclude the topic of Best AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair USA 2021.

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